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The People We Serve

We are privileged to be serving those who form the backbone of our food industry - the men, women, and children who do the hard work of manually harvesting the grains, fruits and vegetables that come to our plate via the grocer.  Without them - in fact, without their consistent dedication year in and out - you and I would suffer.

However, these same individuals suffer from low wages, lack of health insurance, and abysmal conditions in many of the migrant camps.  They come from Mexico, Central America, even parts of South America.  They come to the United States hoping for opportunity, to earn a bit more and send it back to support their relatives at home. Many of them are actually descended from Native tribes, and some may not be able to read Spanish, much less English.  They are a sweet and kind people, almost without exception, with strong family values.  A large percentage have been exposed to Catholicism, often mixed with spiritism, shamanism, and animism.


Every year, many will travel a circuitous route from California to Oregon to Washington, then back, following the various harvests of field and orchard.  Some stay and put down roots, finding local jobs.  Some return south of the border and do not return.  Some take what they have found here - the Good News of Jesus Christ - and start churches back in Mexico.  In one case, a church has grown rapidly down in Oaxacha, perhaps the poorest state in Mexico, from 16 to 65 in a short time.  SHPN is now assisting them to build a larger church meeting place for their growing ministry.

A man in one of the migrant camps served by SHPN some years ago was burdened by alcoholism.  He met Jesus Christ and has become a minister of the Gospel.

These people's hearts are open.  They gladly receive Scriptures in their own language, and many have received the Lord over the years - men, women and children.