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Introducing Project Ranch


For many years, SHPN has had a vision for a facility that could really minister to the needy.  We sensed God was moving us to go beyond initially sharing the Gospel, to a full scale discipleship program.  We see a great deal of deterioration to families taking place today.  As a byproduct many kids are winding up on the street.  The number of single parent homes is rising at an alarming rate and so is hopelessness in many of these cases.  Often, abusive activities are involved with these family break-ups as drugs and alcohol only add fuel to the fire.  All concerned attempt some way of escape.  Finally in all the confusion, perhaps a teenager takes his own life to relieve the pain of his miserable existence.

I wish this scenario was just another script for "The Movie of the Week", but unfortunately it is played out everyday in our own neighborhoods.  The Bible predicted this when it stated that "In the last days would come perilous times . . ."  I suppose we could just get depressed or reason that it has to happen, so there is nothing we can do about it.  How about crying out to God and asking Him to use us in the total restoration of shattered lives?  How about the church taking the lead in true compassion?  We can do something tangible in our own community that would really glorify God in a powerful way!  This is where Project Ranch comes in!

Imagine a wonderful place in a rural setting where hurting people can find restoration in the Lord.  Picture a place not too far from the city where an individual can make a commitment to follow steps that will positively impact his/her life.  Finally, think of a place near our own community where the local churches can work together to advance the Kingdom of God.  That's Project Ranch!

Over the years, we have looked for land in the area surrounding Portland - 60 to 100 acres.  Upon acquiring this, Phase I would begin with erecting a 6000 square foot structure that would house approximately 25 people and have a large multipurpose room for many activities. 

At first, the focus would be on homeless or abused mothers and their children.  SHPN has learned that the problem of homeless families has been so bad that many Portland area missions have had to turn them away.

Upon arriving at the ranch, families will immediately sense the safety and care of their surroundings.  They will know they are loved no matter what.  A short time later they will be involved in a regimented schedule designed to restore order back in their lives.  The whole time they will learn about Jesus in many different ways.  They will be taught one or more of a variety of employment-oriented skills, such as clerical and computer skills, warehouse management, landscaping, and others.

Finally, after a period of time and a mountain of prayer they will leave as useful and productive servants of God.

Please pray for this ministry - become a part of our regular prayer intercessory team, by leaving your name and E-mail address in the comments section.  You may include your phone number if you wish.  We will contact you about developments in this area.  If you have a particular skill that could be used to teach these people to become self-sufficient and employable, please include that information as well.

God bless you!