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As the holiday season begins, I am reminded of one of the many miracles the Lord places in my path. This one ocurred almost two years ago: on Christmas day of 2014, I was returning from the local gas station across Highway 99 in Tigard when there was suddenly an explosive crack sound. Before I knew it, I was facing almost the other direction, the airbags already deployed! I feared I had somehow hit someone, and struggled to open my damaged door. I saw a smaller car that had run up on an embankment, and called out to them. Looking back, I found that the passenger's side front wheel and its support struts were completely torn away (thank you Lord there was no one in the car with me.) I quickly learned that the driver of the other vehicle, with his wife and son, were unharmed. But both our cars sustained heavy damage (ours was replaced.) I learned that he had run a red light and struck me. But none of us were hurt, praise God! The other driver was the chef at our local Mongolian Barbecue, a friend (and if anything, our friendship has deepened!) The miracle became clear when the police arrived to the scene. The officer told me that if I had been 2-3 feet further forward in the car, my vehicle wouldn't have swiveled and I might have been severely injured or killed. Again, praise the Lord!

As we enter a tie when politics is depressing many people, let us remember just how in-control of events our Lord and Savior is. Miracles like the above remind me that Jesus is in charge, and:

His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Of the increase of His government and peace there will be no end. Isaiah 9:6-7a

When we shortly pass on to be with Him, a far more important question than who wins an election is: Is Christ my Savior and Lord? How can I obey Him and store treasures in heaven??

-Ken Erickson

What did the Lord do through STOP HUNGER and POVERY NOW in 2016?

* We went out a total of 22 times to 15 migrant camps this year (vs 10 camps last year), from May 15 through July 28. 4,230 pounds of food and clothing were distributed (vs 3,511 in 2015.)

* We ministered to around 800 people (including 115 childrent), almost double last year. Twenty children and twelve adults were saved, and we gave out many Bibles.

* To date this year, 2400 food baskets have been given out to around 200 people through our food bank (versus 1700 last year.) We also received donations of dairy and bakery products and were able to distribute these to between 200 and 300 people throughout the year!

Three of our outreaches were to camps in The Dalles, covering 11 camps in that area. Calvary Baptist Church in The Dalles generously provided for our lodging at a local hotel the weekend of June 4 and 5. We were blessed beyond measure! This empowered us to visit four camps on Saturday and two more on Sunday. Our missionaries, Ramon and Julie returned to The Dalles on the July 4th weekend to visit even more camp as we had committed to visiting all the camps belonging to Orchard View Farms!

The camps in The Dalles have become part of our outreach only in the last few years. We realized that very little evangelistic effort was being made in an area with so much need, so we took a step of faith and began ministering to the people of the cherry harvest.

Ramon and Julie have also embarked on a new ministry in the Rockwood area near Gresham and are reaching out to children with a couple who they first met in the camps. Ramon is discipling and training this couple to be able to take over this ministry. Rockwood is one of the neediest parts of the Portland metro area. Poverty and all the issues with it are present in this community. But the light of Christ is penetrating the darkness.

Please Pray for us - that we may continue to reach the migrant people for Christ, and that His Word would penetrate deep into the herats of those who hear it. Also, for more volunteers to maintain the warehouse, go to the camps and help with other activities and events. Please contact us if you are interested in helping out.

Thank you> for those who have given to us this year and in the past. This ministry would not be possible without you. We need your continued financial support to assist with food purchases, gas expenses and other materials to teach and preach the gospel fo Jesus Christ.


Contact us at 503-625-7460
PO Box 177
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